The expectations on organisations are changing, is your business prepared?

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 We currently face unprecedented change. The world around us is changing. Society is changing. Our culture is changing, whether we are prepared for it or not. Most importantly the demands on peoples capabilities & mental health, especially within the workplace, are more unique than they have ever been. Therefore, the question is, are you as an organisation equipped for this change? Are your people?

Because to an extent, we have recognized we must do something to address this change. We know we must adapt our organisations to accommodate this ever-evolving environment.

But what is the right direction?

Our Roadmap to Success

Learning & Development

Cultural Wellbeing Development

Over 250 individual learning sessions ready to be designed into your bespoke roadmap to success – below are just a few concepts we hold expertise in:

  • Culture Development
  • Change Management
  • Objective/Goal Setting
  • Exploring Success
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Strategic Selling
  • Decision Making Capability
  • People Management
  • High Performance Culture Design

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Our carefully designed and unique Wellbeing modules include:

  • General Mental Health Awareness
  • Stress & Anxiety Awareness
  • Mental Health Disorder Exploration
  • Talking & Listening
  • Suicide Awareness & Prevention
  • Men’s Mental Health
  • Stigma & Language Understanding
  • Resilience Training
  • Planning to Thrive
  • Embedding Mental Health Best Practice in the Workplace

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Our Vision: Organisational Culture Change

Our Vision is to rebuild organisational culture on the foundations of the individuals’ needs and performance capabilities regardless of the journey that person is on.

On this journey everyone in the organisation is given equal focus.

This change in direction will target a positive and permeant impact on the growth & wellbeing of the business and its people

mental health

Our Goal: Better Mental Health For All

organisational change

The World Health Organisations interpretation of Mental Health describes that,

“Mental Health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual has the ability to realize their own potential to develop. They can cope with normal stresses of life. They can work in a fulfilling environment both productively and fruitfully. Most importantly they can make a positive contribution to the community”

Route 80/37 have chosen to believe that this definition, is genuinely achievable for all. Because we have been working hard to take our lived experience of mental health and the organisational environment to focus our solution.

The Unarguable Facts

mental health

“Mental Health is a now one of the biggest areas of increasing concern to today’s organisations. However, acknowledging this is one thing, understanding & knowing how to address the concern is something entirely different.”

(World Health Organisation)

91 Million Annual Sick Days in UK Linked to Mental Ill Health

mental health organisational change

£15Bn is the Cost of Presenteeism in the UK – ANNUALLY

mental health organisational change

£100Bn is the Total Cost of Mental Ill Health to UK Economy – ANNUALLY

mental health organisational change
mental health organisational change

  • 1 in 4 adults in the UK are diagnosed with a Mental Illness every year.
  • Therefore of the 33m people in employment in UK – That’s a potential 8.25M working whilst suffering with Mental Ill Health
  • 75% of people with a diagnosable mental illness receive no support or treatment at all. Why?
  • Maybe it is because only 3% of people with a mental illness currently seek professional assistance

Are We Equipped for The Journey?

  • When tested, a massive 70% of all employees are unable to accurately identify the emotions driven by their personalities as they happen.
  • They lack basic understanding as to how these emotions & reactions relate to themselves, their performance & development in and out of work
  • Organisations often associate strategy and resilience with rational thinking and other high-level functions of the prefrontal cortex. But the most resilient strategic thinkers in the word show more activity in parts of the brain linked with emotions and intuition.
  • Enhanced EQ is so critical to success in organisations that it accounts for 60% of performance in all types of jobs.
  • Studies now show that strong emotional intelligence is what moves 90% of high performers up the ladder.
  • Most worryingly, CEO’s and Senior Leaders have tested as having the lowest EQ and self awareness in organisations.

2021 Trainer of The Year Runner Up

“Having worked alongside Barry for a previous employer I was keen to explore what training and development support Route 80|37 could provide OTL. Following discussions outlining where OTL, and its people, were culturally and my ambition to create a sustainable high-performance culture, Barry quickly grasped the brief and was able to tailor a comprehensive and engaging program for the business.

Barry is incredibly candid about his professional and personal experience, and this leads others to be comfortable opening up too. This undoubtably helped our people explore what values, behaviors and culture meant to them and ultimately OTL. Equally Barry is skilled at challenging people in a robust but non-confrontational manner in order to stimulate conversation and make others think about their current behaviors but also outside the box as to how they can aid their own and their colleague’s development.

I can highly recommend Route 80/37 & Barry to any prospective client who is looking to develop their people.”

Andrew Heyes, MD (OTL Distribution)

I have worked with Barry throughout his career on many different projects and have always seen him as an incredibly passionate and authentic person. His constant pursuit of improvement has meant his skillset has flourished exponentially in the areas of commercial understanding and relationship management. Barry is unique in his ability to achieve unified buy in from graduate level all the way to board. I have to say from simply a personal point of view I have always enjoyed working with Barry and am sure I will continue to for years to come

Steve Davys MD, Spectra Sales Solutions

“We were looking some bespoke engaging sessions for our HR Team to be based around team development. We went for some really fun sessions with Barry and Route 80/37, which he was able to arrange for us at very short notice.  The sessions helped the team to understand how different personalities deal with change and the roles we each have to play in the process. The feedback from everyone involved was really strong so I am looking forward to working with Route 80/37 going forward.”

Kirsty Paterson, Head of HR

“I’ve worked with Barry for nearly 9mths and have found him to be the consummate professional; engaging clearly and honestly through collaboration to genuinely understand what my needs are and the best way to help deliver them. Barry has used a systematic and goal-focused approach with me which has helped me stay focused and reach targets set. As part of this, he has undertaken a lot of personal and professional research to understand my business and the type of work I do (and hasn’t charged for it). In addition, I regard Barry as more than a supplier but a friend too as he has developed both a professional and personal relationship which has worked for me. I would recommend Barry as a valuable addition to your business or services”

Andrew Hollingsworth, MD, Learning Transformations & Archeotype Ltd

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