What does Route 80/37 mean?

Route 80/37 is the passion project by Barry Fitzpatrick, MD.

The Route 80/37 name comes from 2 key dates in Barry Fitzpatrick’s life. He was born near Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1980 and he was 37 when he attempted suicide.

The Route refers to the journey taken in the period between both these dates, but also the new journey he is on.

“Route 80/37 is a play on the famous road, Route 66, in U.S.A. I know as much as the next person that the ‘JOURNEY’ concept has been used then overused again, however the story as to how this business came about really does feel personally like 2 very distinct roads that I’ve traveled throughout my life to date. I have no idea why, but dates and ages in my life is how I map and make sense of my story in my own head, thus the name Route 80/37 came about”

Barry Fitzpatrick, MD

What does Route 80/37 do?

Route 80/37 is a holistic solution that supports organisational growth & cultural change with the wellbeing of the business and its people at the heart of everything we do.

How we do this is by focusing on the unique relationship that we believe lies between Organisational Performance, Learning & Development, Emotional Intelligence Concepts and Wellbeing – that has been largely under utilized in todays organisations.

With 60% of all performance in the workplace being driven by a workplace firing at their full potential both functionally and emotionally it would appear we have a huge issue on our hands.

Why work with Route 80/37?

We will measure our success through the permanent and positive impact we will achieve. If we can help one person, save one life or change one organisation, we have achieved success.

No longer do we feel the need to separate the health of the organisation from the health of the individual, organisational success is and always will be a balanced hybrid. But we believe a large majority are out of balance.

L&D can no longer sit separate to wellbeing and resilience policy. Wellbeing and resilience policy cannot can no longer hold sole ownership through HR function.

Speaking from personal experience, Barry Fitzpatrick describes the changes he had to make to survive and thrive as being a complete set of actions that would never have worked one without the other. When Barry talks about his past journey, he knows it is something that will never leave him. The belief is this can be transferred to any organisation and result in real life change and performance improvement. This is reflected in the unique range of services we are able to offer.

Who should work with Route 80/37?

If you have people in your organisation, we can work with you. If you are Start Up, SME or Blue Chip, we can work with you.

We have chosen organisations because we believe we can effect change at mass this way. And our team have decades of lived experience in various sectors across various business function’s and leadership roles. They have worked in various sized organisations. Whatever the need we can support.

As such we will utilize our expertise to target the objective of effecting not just 1 team or 1 work function within organisations, but the entire culture and its foundations. This Macro to micro approach will get the true extent of the message across.

And this message must start with the individual’s needs. Only through understanding the individuals needs will we ever have a chance of real organisation wide buy in. Only through organisation wide buy in, top to bottom regardless of whatever hierarchical model you have in place, will we achieve our goals.