Its truly difficult to know what to say about the current circumstances happening in Ukraine. My heart goes out to the families effected directly. As a dad and husband I am finding some of the news coverage of not just the fighting but the women an children fleeing the country really difficult to watch. I cannot even begin to think the stress mothers are under trying to get their children out safely onto pack transport systems with no knowledge of whether a lot of them will see their partners again.

Add to that the risk of sexual violence and possible trafficking that will no doubt be at play in a mass evacuation process such as this – well like I say it breaks your heart.

Like I say I have no doubt people will be fearful and anxious about what is to come just from reading and watching the events, so please try and find something from the attached article to help manage that anxiety as best you can. And if you find your own path to helping those affected by the war, ensure you are being careful of yourself and your own mental health too.